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Diversity & Inclusion

 Robbie HoodRobbie HoodScreen Australia continued to place emphasis on diversity and inclusivity through its support of various companies, programs and initiatives.

In 2018/2019, 39 Inclusivity Attachments took place across feature film, TV drama, kids and online. The camera department and producer’s attachments proved to be the most popular areas with eight in each, while seven creatives were attached to the director.

A multi-partner screen industry initiative made possible by AFTRS, state and territory screen agencies and Screen Australia, Talent Camp was designed to provide opportunities for emerging storytellers to create new content. Creatives from diverse backgrounds were able to develop their skills in development, script writing, networking, financing, and distribution pathways in preparation for employment within the screen sector. State camp workshops began from mid-September 2018 in each capital city with a national workshop taking place several months later.

I.C.E or Information + Cultural Exchange provides resources, facilities and support for Western Sydney creatives with a focus on professional development. In 2018/19, Screen Australia provided support for their Digital Diasporas and Screen Culture Program. The aim of the Digital Diasporas initiative was to establish a hub in Western Sydney where creative teams from past I.C.E. Screen Cultures Programs would have the support and resources to develop short-form digital content and establish audience pathways. Meanwhile the Screen Culture Program funded the development of multiple teams and projects under the Pacific Noir and Queer Muslims on Screen groups, with the aim of producing story materials and pathway to audience plans for each.

The aim of the MEAA Diversity Showcase was to uncover emerging talent from diverse backgrounds and expose this talent to the Australian film and television industry. The selected participants (writers, actors and directors) had the opportunity to showcase their skills and talent at a one-night only showcase in July 2018 after a six-day program of workshops, discussions, professional development and rehearsals. More than 500 applications were received, with 10 performers, six writers and five directors chosen.​​

The new Story Development Generate Fund removed all barriers to entry for new creators.