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In 2018/19, $4.5 million was provided toward projects and the professional development of writers, directors and producers through the talent development programs, including:

  • $2.7 million for story development, and
  • $1.8 million for industry partnerships, initiatives and special industry assistance.


The unit supports the development of projects, people and industry. For projects, it provides successful applicants with funding to further progress their ideas from the development stage toward production. Careers are fostered through delegations, support to attend international pitching events/talent labs and Enterprise People, while Enterprise Business & Ideas is focused on supporting industry-changing ingenuity and innovation.


Since it was first run in 2009, Screen Australia has invested more than $36 million in the Enterprise program, to the benefit of 92 screen businesses and ideas, plus 46 individual creators. In February 2019, Screen Australia introduced a revised program, and in 2018/19 it funded an additional seven Enterprise Business & Ideas and 13 Enterprise People proposals. Recipients included two targeted placements who will begin at US production house Rideback (IT, Sherlock Holmes) in July 2019, and Bunya Productions (Mystery Road, Sweet Country) who will create a talent development network, build Australian IP and extend the profile of their work overseas.


Two delegations travelled to the USA in 2018/19 to learn from established international creators, make new connections, gain an insight into the US industry and further their careers. The first was a group of 16 creatives, including Sarah Lambert (Love Child) and Yolanda Ramke (Cargo), who went to Los Angeles in September 2018 in partnership with the Australian Writers’ Guild. While there, they attended a series of high-level meetings and workshops. A second delegation of 13 creatives travelled to New York in March 2019 to attend the Australian International Screen Forum, and take part in networking and professional development opportunities.

The revised Enterprise program now falls under the Development Unit.

See appendix 3 for details of the Content Department’s development funding in 2018/19. LA 2018 ​Talent USA: LA 2018