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Digital reach - snapshot 2018–19

Infographic summary of SWA's digital reach 2018-19. 8.1m webpage views. Increase 21.8% from 2017–18. 20.8k visitors to our new online media centre since its September 2018 launch. 18k Facebook followers. Increase 18.1% from 2017–18. 23k visits to our community engagement platform, Engage. Increase 130% from 2017–18. 2,702 Twitter followers. Increase 19.8% from 2017–18. 17.2k listens to our podcasts 17% increase from 2017–18. 15.1k LinkedIn followers. Increase 72.2% from 2017–18. 2,751 new email subscribers, 24.1k total subscribers. 83k views of our YouTube channel. Increase 45.1% from 2017–18. 500 data requests responded to. Over 2,000 enquiries from the general public responded to.