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Capability development

Performance and development

We continue to drive positive employee performance and professional development through our Performance and Development Scheme which centres on setting clear and achievable goals, a shared understanding of what is expected, and ongoing feedback and recognition.

In 2018–19, we focused on streamlining our performance development scheme through the refinement of our Performance Development Agreement (PDA) tool. The refinements enhanced user experience in establishing a PDA, making performance management easier for both employees and managers.

Learning and development

The Safe Work Australia Lead and Grow Strategy 2016–2019 is in its final year of operation. The strategy has been an important mechanism for driving cultural change by actively promoting professional development and the agency’s values, particularly ‘Excellence’ and ‘People’.

All employees have access to an allocated budget for individual learning and development as part of their PDAs. We understand the importance of building the capability of our employees and we continue to participate in, and engage in, various developmental activities such as:

  • ongoing informal development through ‘Learn from others’ seminars
  • one-on-one and on-the-job training
  • access to leadership capability development through the Australian Public Service Learning Centre
  • external leadership programs to meet the specific needs of selected employees identified through the Performance and Development Scheme
  • formal study assistance
  • delivery of an internal policy development and writing course
  • opportunities for temporary transfers and secondments to other APS agencies, where available, and
  • access to external conferences and other training sessions.

Rewards and recognition

In 2018–19 we continued our Rewards and Recognition program, which is designed to foster a workplace culture that promotes and rewards exceptional performance that contributes to achieving Safe Work Australia’s objectives.

Each year our CEO awards one team and one individual an Australia Day Achievement Medallion to acknowledge outstanding performance of special projects or achievement during the previous calendar year.

In 2019, the WIN was awarded the team award for their contribution to driving cultural change by actively promoting an inclusive and diverse workplace. Dr Paul Taylor was awarded the individual award in recognition of his contribution as the vice chair of the UNSCEGHS and elevating Australia’s presence on the global stage.

Quarterly ‘Walk the talk’ awards were awarded to four employees in 2018–19. The ‘Walk the talk’ awards are designed to acknowledge the efforts of employees who personify one or more of our agency values, including those who tend to ‘fly under the radar’—who may not self-promote but achieve results— or those that go that extra step or contribute to the success of a process rather than success of the end result.