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Achievements in organisational effectiveness

We are an engaged workplace that prides itself on our commitment to safety, diversity and inclusion. We provide generous terms and conditions, access to flexible working arrangements, a range of health and wellbeing initiatives and access to professional development. We also like to get involved; we participate in a range of corporate and charitable activities.

In November 2018, our Workplace Inclusion Network (WIN) was awarded the Network Award at the APS Diversity and Gender Equality Awards 2018. A contributing factor to the success of the WIN is its transformation from a Human Resources initiative to an employee-led network. Over the last year, the network modified its structure to formally engage a Senior Executive Service (SES) Diversity Sponsor, two Co-chairs and employee Diversity Champions to represent the six diversity groups identified in the Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2016–2019.

The network has focused on creating a culture where inclusive behaviour is integrated into everyday business. Through the WIN’s advocacy, the network was appointed as a standing member on our Employee Consultative Forum (ECF), enabling diversity and inclusion to be included in broader agency discussion and empowering employees to make meaningful change to policies and procedures.

The WIN leads by example which has contributed to increased awareness of the value of diversity and inclusion and has driven real, measurable change.