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Appendix 7: Service charter

Service Charter

Enabling legislation and the Board

AgriFutures Australia’s enabling legislation is the Primary Industries Research and Development Act 1989 (the PIRD Act 1989). The AgriFutures Australia Board is accountable to the Parliament of Australia through the Minister for Agriculture. It:

  Sets strategic direction and establishes policies for AgriFutures Australia

  Oversees operational and functional performance against budget and other key performance indicators on behalf of stakeholders.

Core business

To facilitate a more profitable, dynamic and sustainable rural sector by maximising the knowledge outcomes from our R&D investments for Australian industries and government in:

  New and emerging industries

  Established rural industries

  National rural issues.

Core principles in AgriFutures Australia’s approach to its mandate are:

  Collaboration – AgriFutures Australia consults widely with its industry and government stakeholders to determine investment strategies and priorities and seeks strong collaborative arrangements with other funding partners and research providers where this can enhance outcomes

  Facilitation – AgriFutures Australia facilitates more effective use of community and scientific expertise in the creation of new knowledge and its adoption

  Innovation – AgriFutures Australia invests in innovative solutions to the problems and constraints facing its key stakeholders.


  The Australian Government on behalf of rural industries and taxpayers

  Industry funders

  The Australian community.

Primary clients

  For AgriFutures Australia-related industries, all participants in the marketing chain (producers, processors, distributors and consumers)

  On AgriFutures Australia’s strategic cross-sectoral program, the National Farmers’ Federation on behalf of all rural industries.

Industry consultations

Communications channels between AgriFutures Australia and rural industries meet two essential functions: accountability and bringing industry influence to bear on the research agenda. At the peak industry level, AgriFutures Australia is accountable to the:

  National Farmers’ Federation

  Australian Chicken Meat Federation

AgriFutures Australia is committed to working with industry to deliver research and development outcomes. We work in partnership with Advisory Panels to decide on research priorities and to make RD&E investment decisions.

Reporting to stakeholders

There are four key accountability documents for stakeholders:

  A five-year Corporate Plan that sets out strategies, directions and performance indicators for
AgriFutures Australia

  Three and Five-Year RD&E Plans for each industry program within new and emerging industries, established rural industries and national rural issues

  An Annual Operational Plan that sets out yearly objectives to give effect to the five-year Corporate Plan, five-year industry plans, the annual budget and annual research priorities

  The Annual Report, which sets out achievements against objectives, budgets and administration costs.