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Examples of AgriFutures Australia collaborations across industries and the sector




Plant Biosecurity Research Initiative Phase 1 (2018-2020)


AgriFutures Australia, Cotton RDC, CCRDC, Australian Government, FWPA, GRDC, Horticulture Innovation, PHA, SRA, Wine Australia.


A collaboration of plant industries related research organisations that aims to increase national coordination of R&D investments that support the long-term protection of Australia’s plant sector from biosecurity threats.

Honey bee genetic improvement program.

Rural RnD4Profit


AgriFutures Australia, NSW DPI, University of Sydney, Better Bees WA, Wheen Bee Foundation, Olam, Monson’s Honey & Pollination, Costa Group, South Pacific Seeds Pty Ltd, Australian Government.

The project will develop a national genetic improvement program to transform the performance of honey bees in Australia using innovative breeding technologies. The project will focus on selecting traits of importance to beekeeping, horticulture and broadacre industries dependent on honey bee pollination. A national database will be built to hold the honey bee genetic trait data that is collected. The project will also undertake an economic evaluation of breeding programs and develop and implement standardised selection methods that beekeepers can use to assess honey production, pollination and health traits.

Underpinning agricultural productivity and biosecurity by weed biological control

Rural RnD4Profit


AgriFutures Australia, CSIRO, NSW DPI, QDAF, VDJPR, GRDC, Bundaberg Regional Council, Gympie Regional Council, HQ Plantation P/L, Hinchinbrook Shire Council, NSW Environmental Trust, NSW Weed Biocontrol Taskforce, SEQ Water, Australian Government.

This project will undertake foundational and applied research to contribute to integrated management of important weeds that affect Australian agriculture and water resources. The project will focus on 11 major weeds and complete risk assessments of promising biocontrol agents identified, undertake large-scale releases of approved agents and understand interactions between control methods, as well as progressing biocontrol research into new weed targets towards delivery.

Australian Participation in the European Union Product Environmental Footprint Technical Advisory Board.



AWI, AgriFutures Australia, Cotton RDC, GRDC, MLA, SRA.

Consider the implications for EU trade exposed Australian industries from an environmental impact perspective.

Food Agility CRC


AgriFood businesses, technology companies, researchers, government.

AgriFutures Australia, Food & Fibre Gippsland, AFI, AWRI, Costa Group, CSBP, FIAL, IAG, KPMG, Mulgowie Farming Co., MLA.

Improve the competitiveness, productivity and sustainability of Australia industries. Foster high quality research to solve industry-identified problems through industry-led and outcome focused collaborative partnerships. Encourage and facilitate small and medium enterprise participation in collaborative research.

Improving plant pest management through cross industry deployment of smart sensor, diagnostics and forecasting.

PRJ-012437 RnD4Profit

Horticulture Innovation, AgriFutures Australia, Cotton RDC, GRDC, SRA, Wine Australia, FWPA, Nursery & Garden Industry Association, CSIRO, SARDI, WAAA, DJTR, NZIPFR, Rothamsted Research, Burkard Scientific, PHA, Australian Government.

The development of a mobile, cross-industry plant pest surveillance network to monitor the presence of pests that threaten major agricultural sectors across Australia.

Forewarned is forearmed: equipping farmers and agricultural value chains to proactively manage the impacts of extreme climate events.




MLA, AgriFutures Australia, GRDC, Cotton RDC, SRA, AGWA, Dairy Australia, APL, BOM, University of Melbourne, QDAF, SARDI, USQ, Monash University, DEDJTR, Suncorp, Australian Government.

Australian farmers and agribusiness operate in one of the most variable climates of any country in the world, with extreme events and climate variability the largest drivers of fluctuations in annual agricultural income and production. This project will deliver direct value to farmers through improving the seasonal forecast of extreme climate events, including low and high rainfall, heat, cold and frost. It will equip farmers with the information and tools to be forewarned and change their management practices so they are proactively prepared. The project outputs will decrease the impacts of extreme climate events on farm and industry profit.

High throughput technology for defining antimicrobial resistance status of pork and chicken.


Rural RnD4Profit


APL, AgriFutures Australia, Murdoch University, University of Adelaide, Tecan Australia, Thermo Fisher Scientific, NSW DPI, Illumina, Australian Government.

Provide the Australian pig and chicken meat producers with a competitive advantage in the international market by developing a world’s best practice for objective description of the occurrence of antimicrobial resistance at the herd/flock level.

Closing the Loop: Black Soldier Fly technology to convert agricultural waste into high quality fertiliser and soil improvers.


Rural RnD4Profit

Australian Pork Ltd, AgriFutures Australia, Australian Eggs, AMPC, Dairy Australia, QDAF, FRDC, Future Green Solutions, University of Western Australia, Australian Government.

This project will investigate the development of Black Soldier Fly Farming (BSF) castings and larvae into high quality, low-cost, slow-release, granulated fertilizer products, that are safe to handle, transport and apply. It will assist with overcoming existing adoption barriers by involving policy makers and farmers during field trials and assisting early adopters through extension activities.

Adoption of BSF technology and its products has the potential to increase productivity and profitability via reduced input costs and generation of alternative revenue streams to a wide range of agricultural enterprises.

Smarter Irrigation for Profit Phase 2


Rural RnD4Profit

Cotton RDC, AgriFutures Australia, SRA, Dairy Australia, GRDC, Deakin University, University of Melbourne, USQ, University of Tasmania, University of Sydney, DJPR, Gwydir Valley Irrigators, NSW DPI.

Increase the water productivity of over 4000 irrigated cropping and pasture agricultural enterprises by 10-20%.

Boosting diagnostic capacity for plant production industries.


Rural RnD4Profit


GRDC, Hort, SRA, Cotton RDC, Wine Australia, FWPA, AVR, SARDI, QDAF, Australian Government.

In-kind: AgriFutures Australia

Develop and implement improved national diagnostics for key biosecurity threats by developing diagnostics that facilitate early and accurate diagnosis and rapid response to threats that impact on production and access to domestic and international markets.

Area Wide Management for cropping systems weeds, investigating the weed management, social and economic opportunity.

Rural RnD4Profit

Cotton RDC, AgriFutures Australia, CSIRO, University of New South Wales, University of Queensland, University of Adelaide, Millmerran Landcare Group, Irrigation Research & Extension Committee Inc, Toowoomba Regional Council, Australian Government.

This project will identify the benefits, key principles and practices of successful weed Area Wide Management (AWM) by developing an improved understanding of the bio-physical, geographic, economic and social drivers of AWM success through studying key weed species across diverse landscapes. The project will also characterise and identify the social and economic costs and benefits of weed management across a range of land uses.

Climate Research Strategy for Primary Industries

A joint initiative of rural RDCs, state and territory governments, Australian Government, DAWR and CSIRO – 19 in total.

To promote a strategic and collaborative approach to climate change RD&E for primary industries.

Rural Safety and Health Alliance

AgriFutures Australia, Australian Eggs, Australian Pork Limited, Australian Wool Innovation, Cotton Research and Development Corporation, Dairy Australia, Fisheries Research and Development Corporation, Grains Research and Development Corporation and Meat and Livestock Australia.

Healthy, safe and productive working lives in the primary industries through investment in RD&E to drive sustainable improvements to work health and safety outcomes.

AgriFutures Horizon Scholarship

AgriFutures Australia, Dairy Australia, AgriFutures Chicken Meat, Grains Research Development Corporation, Cotton Research and Development Corporation, AgriFutures Rice, Australian Wool Innovation, Hort Innovation, Australian Eggs, Meat and Livestock Corporation, McCaughey Memorial Institute and Westpac.

To support the next generation of agriculture leaders who will take up the challenge of farming for the future. In partnership with industry sponsors, the goal of the scholarship is to enhance the future supply of graduates available for employment in the rural sector.

AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award

AgriFutures Australia, Westpac Agribusiness, ABC Rural, Fairfax Agricultural Media, RM Williams Outback Magazine, Australia Community Media and state/territory governments.

To identify and support the capabilities of emerging rural women leaders to increase their participation and contribution to Australia’s primary industries and rural communities.

AgVet Collaborative Forum

AgriFutures Australia, GRDC, DA, HIA, CRDC, AWI, SRA, WA, Forest and Wood Products Australia, CropLife Australia and Animal Medicines Australia.

To identify solutions to key industry challenges in relation to accessing agvet technologies, and highlight areas of business opportunity for agvet chemical registrants by providing a priority list of industry needs and a process to identify potential partnerships and co-investment opportunities with industry.

Honey Bee and Pollination RD&E

AgriFutures Australia Honey Industry Association and HIA.

Support RD&E that will secure a productive, sustainable and more profitable Australian beekeeping industry and secure the pollination of Australia’s horticultural and agricultural crops.

Poultry Hub Australia

AgriFutures Australia, Australian Eggs and University of New England.

The Poultry Hub Australia was established at the conclusion of the Poultry CRC in mid-2017. The key objective PHA is to provide leadership in coordinating collaborative projects essential to the Australian poultry industry’s long-term sustainability and deliver practical solutions in a nimble and timely manner.

Feed Grains Partnership

AgriFutures Australia, Australian Eggs, GRDC, MLA, APL, DA, Pork CRC and Stock Feed Manufacturers’ Council of Australia.

Established to integrate and identify collaborative research and development initiatives across participating R&R funding agencies involved with the feed grain and livestock supply chain.

Rural R&D for Profit program – Securing Pollination for More Productive Agriculture: Guidelines for Effective Pollinator Management and Stakeholder Adoption

Rural RnD4Profit


AgriFutures Australia, HIA, University of Adelaide, University of Sydney, University of New England, Australian National University, PIRSA, SA Department Environment, Water and Natural Resources, O’Connor NRM, Native Vegetation Council, Trees for Life and Apple and Pear Ltd, Lucerne Australia, SA Apiarist Association, Northern and York NRM Board, Costa Group, Australian Melon Association, Australian Mango Industry Association, Terrestrial Ecosystems Research Network, Greening Australia, Almond Board of Australia, Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board, Apple and Pear Growers Association (SA), Raspberries and Blackberries Australia, Eco-informatics.

This project will increase the profitability and security of pollinator dependent crops by improving the health, diversity and abundance of pollinators on farms. It will do so by managing and improving natural resources, in particular critical food resources to support managed and wild crop pollinators, and in doing so will manage and mitigate the biosecurity risk posed by the Varroa mite.

Rural R&D for Profit program – New Biocontrol Solutions for Sustainable Management of Weed Impacts to Agricultural Profitability

Rural RnD4Profit


GRDC, CSIRO, NSW DPI, QDAF, VIC DEDJTR, PIRSA, SEQ Water, Shire of Ravensthorpe, NSW Weed Biocontrol Taskforce, North West LLS, NSW Office of Environment & Heritage,Bundaberg Regional Council, Gladstone Regional Council, HQ Plantations, Goulburn Murray Water Corporation, Murrumbidgee Irrigation Ltd, Coleambally Irrigation Cooperative Limited, Goulburn Broken CMA, Murray LLS, USDA-ARS, Australian Biological Control Laboratory, Wyong Shire Council, NSW National Parks Service, Central Murray County Council and Murrumbidgee Landcare Inc.

The project aims to improve the long-term profitability of primary producers by developing novel biocontrol solutions that will reduce recurrent costs of control for farmers affected by the target weeds.

Rural R&D for Profit program – Taking the ‘Q’ (Query) out of ‘Q’ Fever

Rural RnD4Profit


Meredith Dairy, University of Melbourne, and University of Queensland, University of Sydney, Australian Rickettsial Research Laboratory, University of Adelaide, Charles Sturt University and Goatvetoz.

This project will improve the understanding of Q Fever reservoirs, amplification and transmission pathways to help direct biosecurity resources more efficiently. In turn, this will reduce the burden of an extremely debilitating disease in rural communities.

Australian Pastures Genebank

AgriFutures Australia, GRDC, AWI, MLA, DA, and state Departments of Agriculture.

To acquire, document, conserve, maintain and distribute plant genetic resources of pasture and forage species of actual or potential value to Australian agriculture.