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Appendix 5: AgriFutures Australia R&D Advisory

Panels and Chairs as of 30 June 2020

Chicken Meat
Guy Hebblewhite (Chair)
Dr Greg Underwood (Vice Chair)
Dr Sheridan Alfirevich
Katherine Balding
Dr Peter Chrystal
Jason Fry
Dr Anthony Keyburn
Susy Klein
Georgina Townsend

Emerging Industries
Brian Ruddle (Chair)
Susan Wilson (Deputy Chair)
Angeline Achariya
Mila Bristow
John Lever
Ann Ross
Ian Smith
Will Taing
Christopher McLoghlin
Tom McCue

Export Fodder
Peter Baker (Chair)
Zane Banson
Sean Blechynden
Pat Guerin
Andrew Hayward
Munro Patchett
Lucinda Staley
Steve Woods

Nicole Christodoulou (Chair)
Ethan Graham
Jason Keating
Scott Kirkwood
Dr Mike Smith
Lucinda Staley
Ric Stevens
Kylie Templeton
Dr Jo White

Honey Bee and Pollination
Dr Doug Somerville (Chair)
Danny Le Fervue (Vice Chair)
Tiffane Bates
Prof Saul Cunningham
James Kershaw
Dr Diana Leemon
Samuel Malfroy
Annelies McGaw
Ashley Zamek

Guy Coleman
Andrew Duver
Joshua Gilbert
Susan Hall
Lucinda Hawkins
Jessica Fealy
Simone Kain
Sally Leigo
Nicolas Lyons
Oli Madgett

Pasture Seeds
Lisa Anderson (Chair)
Joe Cook (Vice Chair)
David Brown
Brian Field
Annelies McGaw
Dr Mary-Jane Rogers
Appendix 5:
AgriFutures Australia
R&D Advisory Panels

Drew Braithwaite (Chair)
Michele Groat (Vice Chair)
Dr Vito Butardo
Brian Dunn
Russell Ford
Laura Kaylock
Dr Laurie Lewin
Dr Ben Ovenden
Lucinda Staley
Antony Vagg

Tea Tree Oil
Michael Flanagan (Chair)
Dr Gavin Ash
Phillip Butlin
Digby Growns
Gae Plunkett
Dee-Ann Prather
Prof Jeromy Vanclay

Thoroughbred Horses
Prof Nigel Perkins (Chair)
Dr Catherine Chicken (Vice Chair)
Derek Field
Annelies McGaw
Thomas Rielley
Jacqueline Stewart
Dr Craig Suann