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AgriFutures Australia Staff

AgriFutures Staff

AgriFutures Australia is a government agency, with 20 staff as at 30 June 2020 and an annual
operating budget of around $46.90 million.

AgriFutures Australia endeavours to create opportunities so that it attracts and retains skilled
and experienced staff.

AgriFutures Australia staff are employed under Section 87 of the PIRD Act 1989. This legislation
requires AgriFutures Australia to determine appropriate terms and conditions of employment for
its staff. AgriFutures Australia’s Enterprise Agreement 2018–21 sets out the terms and conditions of employment. Executive staff (including the Managing Director) are employed on individual contracts.

AgriFutures Australia is committed to a credible, equitable and aligned performance management system.

AgriFutures Australia’s performance management system includes a formal process and an ongoing informal process that encourages staff to plan, review and recognise performance. Performance agreements are agreed annually between staff and their supervisors and include a comprehensive training and development component.

AgriFutures Australia staff Performance reviews are formally conducted every six months, with an annual performance assessment in June.

Indigenous employment at AgriFutures Australia

For the period 1 July 2019 to June 2020, AgriFutures Australia did not employ any Indigenous staff.

AgriFutures Australia staff structure