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Overview of the Funds Operations

The Trustees utilise the Fund’s general-purpose assets, provide benefits for eligible persons through the provision of general purpose interest-free loans of up to $7,000, special interest-free loans of up to $5,000, Christmas loans of up to $1,500 and, in some situations, cash grants for members experiencing unexpected financial hardships or bereavement. A principles-based system is applied in deciding if a member is permitted to borrow money from the Fund for general purpose loans and special loans. The Fund is economically viable for loans and grants; however, the Fund relies on periodic contributions from the RAN Central Canteens Fund (RANCCF) to continue to maintain the level of grants and interest-free loans.

In addition, the Trustees utilise the assets donated to the Keeping Watch program to provide grants for the comfort or welfare of a person who is in financial need and currently appointed or enlisted as a Permanent or Reserve member of the RAN. The Trustees continue to work to ensure the long-term viability of the Keeping Watch program by seeking to grow the asset base, while ensuring the assets are appropriately used.