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Administered - Contingent Assets and Liabilities

6.1 Administered - Contingent Assets and Liabilities

The Mint has no Administered commitments, contingent liabilities or contingent assets as at reporting date (2018: Nil).

6.2 Administered - Financial Instruments





6.2A: Categories of Financial Instruments

Financial Liabilities

Financial liabilities measured at amortised cost:

Seigniorage Payable



Total financial liabilities



6.2B: Net Income and Expense from Financial Liabilities

The Mint did not receive any income or expense from Administered financial liabilities.

6.2C: Fair Value of Financial Instruments

The Mint had no administered financial assets or liabilities that were designated at fair value through profit or loss, reclassified between categories in 2019 (2018: Nil). The Mint considers that the carrying amount of financial instruments reported in the Administered Schedule of Assets and Liabilities are a reasonable approximation of fair value.