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To meet the coinage needs of the Australian economy, collectors and foreign countries through the manufacture and sale of circulating coins, collector coins and other minted like products.

The Mint performance resulted in $29 061 million (85 per cent) of the full year expected revenue target of $34 300 million total to be returned to Commonwealth. The total volume of sales was 94 per cent of the target volume of sales (mpcs). Any differential between the revenue ($) target and the volume (mpcs) target is a direct result of the denomination mix making up the coin sales. Whilst other business costs (production and administrative) were largely contained, the denomination mix, as well as the volume of coins sold, remained the primary driver for the quantum of the seigniorage return to Commonwealth.

The final return on net assets was 31 per cent, 4 per cent lower than the annual target rate. This represented a good result with an opportunity for further improvement. This ratio demonstrates a solid utilisation of assets in the provision of coin for the community. A continued focus on LEAN and other Just-DoIt-Now initiatives will continue to support this return into the future, as the Mint carefully monitors and manages the expected decline in the demand for circulating coin.

DIFOT was approximately 94 per cent, 4 per cent higher than the annual target. This was represented by the number of orders placed and delivered within ten business days. There is strong evidence that a stretch target for the organisation would be worthwhile as it may help drive further efficiencies related to dispatch activities.

The visitor satisfaction survey returned a positive result of 98 per cent customer satisfaction; remaining 3 per cent higher than the target of 95 per cent satisfaction. This strong result indicates a potential for growth which will be investigated further.

Visitor numbers reached 355 135 (4 per cent higher than the annual target) which was a strong result for the year. Future targets are conservative and are reviewed each year to ensure they remain relevant.

All certification was retained and there were no major injuries or significant security breaches. This was a strong result, and with the continued focus on the consolidation of risk frameworks, an enhanced capability of reporting and assessment of organisational risks is anticipated going forward.

The Net Promoter Score remains a very healthy 62 which represents a significantly positive view from the Mint’s consumers. An acceptable score is anything higher than 50. A score of 50 indicates that half of all people surveyed would positively promote the Mint to others.

The APS staff satisfaction survey is undertaken annually to provide a snapshot of current staff sentiment. It considers a variety of aspects of member experience at work and seeks to highlight areas of strength and weakness to provide opportunities for improvement. The survey considers a broad range of topics including but not limited to; work-life balance; job security; career opportunities; social experience; workplace risks; innovation opportunities and the performance management process. The overall positive responses for satisfaction with working at the Mint indicated a 76 per cent satisfaction rating.

Strategic intent/ performance criteria

Performance measure – key performance indicator (KPI)

Performance target 2018-19

Results achieved 2018-19

Produce and deliver Australian circulating coins in a cost effective and timely manner

Total return to Commonwealth

$34 300 000

$29 060 905

Volume Pieces

119 000 000

111 770 000

Optimum return on investment

Return on Net Assets (RONA)



Commercial orders placed, are produced and delivered within agreed delivery time




Visitor satisfaction rating of Mint experience

Survey Result



Increase in visitor numbers compared to prior year

Visitor numbers

340 000

355 135

Provide safe, secure and sustainable operational environment

Retain certification


All certification retained

Major injuries



Security Breaches



Build on brand awareness

Net promoter score



Have engaged, motivated and committed staff

Staff satisfaction