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Internal and External Scrutiny


The Mint’s internal controls and financial operations were audited by the ANAO. The outcome was an unqualified audit report for the 2018–19 financial statements.

The Commonwealth’s compliance reporting requirements for 2018–19 were successfully met using the bi-annual staff compliance survey and staff awareness sessions.

Internal Audit

The following internal audit programs were undertaken during 2018–19:

  • performance reporting
  • financial process review
  • royalty management
  • business continuity planning and disaster recovery
  • competitive neutrality and indirect taxation
  • risk management framework
  • cyclical testing of inventory costing
  • audit recommendation follow up
  • contract management
  • independent governance review, and
  • follow up metals inventor management audit recommendation.


The Mint’s leadership values are aligned with APS values and embedded within the Mint’s Performance Development Scheme.

These values are also communicated and supported by members of the Senior Management Team. The values are integrated into the Mint’s culture and decision-making process. Leaders are encouraged to consistently reflect the values in their own behaviour.

The Mint maintains ethical standards through a range of mechanisms, including training, induction and the development and implementation of policies such as the Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Plan, Accountable Authority Instructions, information technology acceptable use policies, and contractor and consultant guidelines.


Details of the Mint’s organisational and management structures are set out in chapter 2 of this report.

Freedom of Information

The Mint is subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) 1982 with the exception of its commercial activities. Applicants seeking access to Mint documents under the Act should apply in writing to:

Chief Executive Officer Royal Australian Mint

Denison Street DEAKIN ACT 2600

Attention: Freedom of Information Officer

You can also email info [at] ramint.gov.au using the subject line: ‘Freedom of Information Request.’


There were no significant developments in external scrutiny impacting the Mint during the year. There were no judicial or administrative tribunal decisions or any reports on the operations of the Mint.