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The Royal Australian Mint is Australia’s national mint and sole producer of circulating coins for Australia. The Mint is also the custodian of Australia’s national coin collection. It is a listed entity under the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 and operates within the Treasury portfolio.

The Mint was officially opened in Canberra in 1965.

Its first tasks were to produce distinctively Australian coinage and facilitate a smooth changeover from British imperial pounds, shillings and pence to Australia’s own decimal dollars and cents. Both tasks were successfully accomplished and Australia’s decimal coins were introduced in 1966.

Today the Mint also produces circulating coins for other countries, and manufactures a vast array of collector coins, investor products, medals, medallions and tokens for domestic and international clients.

As the custodian of the national coin collection, the Mint is uniquely responsible for collecting and preserving a representative record of Australian coinage for future generations. In recognition of its heritage value and special place in the nation’s history, the Mint building is listed as a Commonwealth Heritage site.

The Mint is a major tourism attraction in Canberra and helps educate local and international visitors on the history of Australian coinage, as well as how coins are produced in a contemporary manufacturing environment.