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The Trustees wish to express appreciation to all persons who assisted the RWTF during the period of this report. The outstanding efforts of Base/Unit Chaplains and other regional representatives have given Air Force members the confidence that the RWTF can provide compassionate, confidential and timely assistance to those in need. Their willingness to take on this secondary duty has enabled the Trustees to keep overheads to the lowest possible. In particular, the Trustees express their sincere appreciation for the services rendered by:

Canberra ACT

Chaplain (AIRCDRE) M. Willis

Chaplain (AIRCDRE) K. Russell

Chaplain (GPCAPT) G. Hooper

Chaplain (GPCAPT) N. Williams

Chaplain (WGDCR) G. Whelband

Chaplain (WGCDR) L. Carey

Chaplain (SQNLDR) C. Boettcher

Chaplain (SQNLDR) W. Ross

Chaplain (FLTLT) J. Friedman

Chaplain (FLTLT) N. Coleman

SQNLDR P. Alomes

Mr K. Pepper

Mrs D. Perry

Mrs A. Ticehurst

Butterworth Malaysia

Chaplain (SQNLDR) M. Reid

Amberley QLD

Chaplain (WGCDR) A. Williams

Chaplain (WGCDR) M. Donaldson

Chaplain (WGCDR) R. Paget

Chaplain (SQNLDR) S. Turnbull

Chaplain (SQNLDR) A. Robertson

Chaplain (SQNLDR) R. Hensser

Chaplain (SQNLDR) D. Quilty

Chaplain (SQNLDR) K. O’Sullivan

Chaplain (FLTLT) M. Boyd

Chaplain (FLTLT) A. Shumack

Chaplain (FLTLT) M. Philp

Chaplain (FLTLT) D. Bigg

Chaplain (FLTLT) G. Smith

Townsville QLD

Chaplain (FLTLT) D. Kelly

Chaplain (FLTLT) K. Schulz

CPL N. Eagles

Glenbrook NSW

Chaplain (GPCAPT) P. Friend

Chaplain (WGCDR) I. Whitley

Orchard Hills NSW

Chaplain (SQNLDR) R. Bailey

Richmond NSW

Chaplain (SQNLDR) T. White

Chaplain (FLTLT) K. Ey

Chaplain (FLTLT) A. Stanfield

Chaplain (FLTLT) S. Fechner

Chaplain (FLTLT) G. Thamal

Chaplain (FLTLT) A. Nalbandian

Tamworth NSW

Chaplain (FLTLT) S. Carter

Wagga NSW

Chaplain (WGCDR) J. Carroll

Chaplain (FLTLT) J. McWhinney

Chaplain (FLTLT) C. Buckley-Wiltshire

Williamtown NSW

Chaplain (WGCDR) J. Cox

Chaplain (SQNLDR) M. Fraser

Chaplain (FLTLT) S. Asquith

Chaplain (FLTLT) K. Haynes

Chaplain (FLTLT) R. Abboud

Chaplain (FLTLT) M. Teggart

CPL S. McConnell

LACW N. Maher

East Sale VIC

Chaplain (SQNLDR) M. Kleemann

Chaplain (SQNLDR) D. Hilliard

Chaplain (SQNLDR) R. Hayman

Chaplain (FLTLT) N. de Silva

Williams VIC

Chaplain (SQNLDR) P. Owen

Chaplain (FLTLT) D. Enticott

Chaplain (FLTLT) A. Mapleback

Chaplain (FLTLT) J. Ward

Edinburgh SA

Chaplain (WGCDR) C. Barwise

Chaplain (SQNLDR) T. Hodgson

Chaplain (SQNLDR) R. Kidd

Chaplain (SQNLDR) M. Butler

Chaplain (SQNLDR) P. Garton

Chaplain (FLTLT) S. Page

Chaplain (FLTLT) K. Thoday

Chaplain (FLTLT) P. Boyle

Chaplain (FLTLT) H. Lee

Darwin NT

Chaplain (SQNLDR) C. Senini

Chaplain (FLTLT) R. Weekes

Tindal NT

Chaplain (SQNLDR) A. Knox

Chaplain (FLTLT) M. Herps

Pearce WA

Chaplain (SQNLDR) D. Griffiths

Chaplain (SQNLDR) T. Killingbeck

Chaplain (SQNLDR) A. Morris

Chaplain (FLTLT) P. Russell