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Securing a bright future for the next generation

Cattle breeders, Kylie and Phillip George, are passionate about supporting the next generation of farmers to secure a bright future for Australian agriculture.

“We’re really passionate about young farmers coming through because the average age of a farmer now is 60, which is not young,” Kylie said.

Photograph of RIC Customers Kylie and Phillip George at their farm, Towallum Station

Kylie and Phillip own and run Towallum Station, a cattle breeding enterprise in the Clarence Valley, 43 kilometres south of Grafton. They join Angus and Brangus cows to Yulgilbar Santa Gertrudis and Angus bulls and keep the progeny to sell on as feeder weight cattle.

The Georges turned to the RIC for a Farm Investment Loan to help grow their business and increase output to their supply chain partner.

“I could see the benefits with the lower interest rate and the money we could save to reinvest into our property,” Kylie said.

“It does take a while between doing the application and when we did get granted, but it is definitely worth it. I do believe it is faster now as well.”

The loan process prompted the Georges to take a closer look at the needs of their supply chain partner. “By looking at that, we could channel the stock they were looking for, what they were hoping to grow, what the overseas buyers were wanting,” Kylie said.

The Georges are hoping for a 25 per cent increase in output to their supply chain partner within two years. “The future for us here at Towallum Station, it makes it much brighter,” Phillip said.