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Recreational Facilities

Performance Measure 1



Achieve target occupancy levels:

Ambassador – 75% (Gold Coast)

Ambassador: 45% occupancy achieved

Overall occupancy was impacted by the closure of the apartments from the end of March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, the levels recorded mirrored past years whereby holiday period occupancy was solid. Outside those holiday periods the challenge of attracting guests remains.

Performance Measure 2



Achieve a cash neutral operational outcome for recreational facilities

Ambassador: The facility recorded an operating loss of -$0.158m.

Cash generated through occupancies dropped for two reasons; closure associated with the pandemic and a slightly lower occupancy rate for the period leading to the closure of the apartments. Operating expenses were contained somewhat however, there was a conscious decision taken to implement a modest repair and maintenance program during the period of closure.

Performance Measure 3



Demonstrate majority occupancy of Air Force personnel

The percentage of guest stays by Air Force personnel increased from 41% during 18/19 to 44% for 19/20. The cohort continued to be the highest user group.

Air Force members remained the highest user group at 44% of guest stays. The other user group cohorts remained relatively consistent in terms of guest stays with some minor movements; particularly in the Defence Civilian cohort.

Recreational Amenities and Welfare Activities

  • Given operational outcomes of the business entity over recent years, funding to support activities has been withdrawn and will remain that way until initiatives such as asset rationalisation are finalised and the entity financial position and outcomes are righted.