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List of requirements

PGPA Rule Reference

Part of Report



Contents of annual report


Page 1

The purposes of the company as included in the company’s corporate plan for the reporting period


Page 1

The names of the persons holding the position of responsible Minister or responsible Ministers during the reporting period, and the titles of those responsible Ministers


Any directions given to the entity by a Minister under the company’s constitution, an Act or an instrument during the reporting period


Pages 2 - 4

Information on each director of the company during the reporting period


Page 3 - 4

An outline of the organisational structure of the company (including any subsidiaries of the company)


Page 3

An outline of the location (whether or not in Australia) of major activities or facilities of the company


Pages 4 - 5

Information in relation to the main corporate governance practices used by the company during the reporting period


Key Management Personnel Remuneration

Page 21

Statistics on the entity’s employees on an ongoing and non‑ongoing basis, including the following:

(a) statistics on full‑time employees;

(b) statistics on part‑time employees;

(c) statistics on gender;

(d) statistics on staff location