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Recreational Facilities

Performance Measure 1



Achieve target occupancy levels:

Ambassador – 75% (Gold Coast)

Ambassador: 50% occupancy achieved

The occupancy level at Ambassador remained static for 18/19 not unlike the flat commercial occupancy for the area.

Whilst there were positive tenancies during the holiday periods; occupancy fell away outside those times, particularly during the last five months of the year where a 9% drop was recorded.

Performance Measure 2



Achieve a cash neutral operational outcome for recreational facilities

Ambassador: The facility recorded an operating loss of -$0.117m.

Cash generated through occupancies improved slightly from previous year due to the solid holiday period bookings and attendant higher tariff. Notwithstanding, expenses rose to a greater extent thus resulting in a slight increase in operational loss from -$0.114m in 17/18 to -$0.117m.

Performance Measure 3



Demonstrate majority occupancy of Air Force personnel

The percentage of guest stays by Air Force personnel increased from 38% during 17/18 to 41% and the cohort continued to be the highest user group.

Air Force members remained the highest user group at 41% of guest stays. The other user group cohorts remained relatively consistent tern terms of guest stays with some minor reductions; particularly in the ex-member cohort.