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Ethical standards

PSR recognises its responsibilities as part of the APS. As a statutory agency, PSR is committed to the APS Values and the Code of Conduct outlined in the Public Service Act 1999. In addition, to help guide its performance, PSR has defined its own values and behaviours, which are underpinned by the APS Values. PSR’s values and behaviours—fair, transparent and professional—address the unique aspects of our business and environment, and guide us in how we conduct ourselves in performing our role.

To PSR, being fair means:

· providing procedural fairness in the operation of the PSR Scheme

· using a consistent approach to arrive at timely, justifiable decisions

· delivering an effective and impartial PSR Scheme

· explaining the process to stakeholders.

To PSR, being transparent means:

· accurately informing practitioners of their rights and responsibilities

· accurately informing practitioners of PSR’s powers, responsibilities and intentions

· proactively sharing information about the scheme, our outcomes and our activities

· providing defensible reasons for outcomes.

To PSR, being professional means:

· complying with Commonwealth legislative requirements and expectations

· being accountable for our actions and decisions

· protecting the privacy and confidentiality of the information we receive, use and create

· operating with integrity and honesty

· treating all people with courtesy and respect

· using time and resources effectively.