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Audit and Risk Committee

The PSR Audit and Risk Committee is established by the PSR Director under s. 45(1) of the PGPA Act.

It provides independent advice on the agency’s governance arrangements, risk management framework, internal control and compliance framework, and financial statement responsibilities.

The PSR Audit and Risk Committee consists of an independent chair, an independent member, and the agency’s Executive Officer. In 2018–19, Ms Gayle Ginnane was the independent chair and Mr Paul Groenewegen was the independent member. Participating observers included representatives from the Australian National Audit Office and PwC, who are currently PSR’s internal auditors.

In 2018–19, the Audit and Risk Committee met on four occasions. In addition, the Chair reported regularly to the Director of PSR.

During the course of the year, the PSR Audit Plan included a range of audits that focused on governance, internal controls, and compliance. These included reviews of the agency’s case management activities, key controls, business continuity planning and a post-implementation review of the upgraded case management system.