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Executive management team

The PSR executive management team is made up of the Director, the Executive Officer (who is also the General Counsel), the Special Counsel (who is also the manager of the Case Management Unit) and the Chief Financial Officer (who is also the manager of the Corporate Support Unit). The team has twice-monthly meetings, and meets as required at other times.

The executive management team is responsible for advising the Director on planning, budgeting, financial management, performance monitoring and corporate governance (including human resources), physical and IT security, and workplace health and safety.

Standing agenda items at executive management team meetings include:

· reports from the Director, the Executive Officer, the Special Counsel, and the Chief Financial Officer

· reports on risk management, internal audit, procurement and contracting, human resources, including leave liability and workplace health and safety

· a report from the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Information Management Governance Committee.

In providing leadership for the agency, the executive management team promotes the core principles of good public sector governance, including accountability, transparency, integrity, efficiency and risk management.

Because PSR is a small agency, the executive management team undertakes a range of roles that might be performed by specialist committees in a larger organisation.