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Commission capabilities, linkages and networks

The Commission seeks to maintain a capability that provides rigorous analysis, transparent processes, and independence and balance in its conclusions. Particular attention is paid to the quality of recruitment, in‑house and external training and diversity of work experiences.

There is an active seminar program involving external experts on a range of policy issues relevant to the Commission’s work. These seminars are intended to bring new ideas and stimulate debate within the Commission, as well as to foster networks with academic and other experts of relevance to the Commission’s work. During the year, there were seminars on topics as diverse as Australia’s ageing population, global value chains in agriculture and food, transport infrastructure, inequality in education, and trends and issues in the medical workforce.

The Commission has linkages, domestically and internationally, to research and other organisations through the involvement of Commissioners and staff in research alliances and participation in working groups and forums. In 2018‑19, a number of Commissioners were also members of various boards, committees and non‑profit organisations, including the Western Water Authority, Canberra Symphony Orchestra, Coordinare, Social Ventures Australia, and the Governing Council of the Photography Studies College.