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Timeliness and cost effectiveness

In 2018‑19, all of the Commission’s inquiry and study reports, as well as all reports produced as part of the Commission’s performance reporting and other functions, met the timeframes originally set by Government, or as subsequently varied by Government. The timing of tabling of commissioned inquiry reports following completion of a project is a matter for Government.

The Commission endeavours to conduct projects efficiently, while ensuring rigorous analysis and maximising the opportunity for participation. Total estimated costs (covering salaries, direct administrative expenses and an allocation for corporate overheads) for inquiries and Government‑commissioned research studies completed in 2018‑19 are shown in Cost of public inquiries and other government commissioned projects completed in 2018-19.

The major administrative (non‑salary) costs associated with public inquiries and other Government‑commissioned projects relate to the Commission’s extensive consultation processes and the wide dissemination of its draft and final reports.

Cost of public inquiries and other government commissioned projects completed in 2018-19

Government-commissioned project

Total costa


Review of the National Disability Agreement


Murray-Darling Basin Plan: Five-year assessment

1 772

Superannuation: Assessing Efficiency and Competitiveness

3 459

Growing the Digital Economy in Australia and New Zealand: Maximising Opportunities for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs)


Economic Regulation of Airports

1 712

Compensation and Rehabilitation for Veterans

3 014

a Includes estimated overheads and staffing.