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Competitive neutrality complaints activities

Competitive neutrality policy seeks to ensure that government businesses do not have advantages (or disadvantages) relative to their private sector competitors simply by virtue of their public ownership.

The Australian Government Competitive Neutrality Complaints Office (AGCNCO) operates as a separate unit within the Commission. Its function is to receive and investigate complaints and provide advice to the Treasurer on the application of competitive neutrality arrangements.

In 2018‑19, the AGCNCO dealt with queries falling within its remit, although no formal written complaints were received.

The AGCNCO also provides informal advice on, and assists agencies in, implementing competitive neutrality requirements. During 2018‑19, the AGCNCO provided advice, on average, about once a fortnight to government agencies or in response to private sector queries. The AGCNCO also provided advice to the Treasury Secretariat conducting a review of the Australian Government’s competitive neutrality policy, its implementation and competitive neutrality complaints handling process and to the Government’s competitive neutrality inquiry into the ABC and SBS on the application of competitive neutrality obligations to the national broadcasters’ activities.