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Workplace health and safety

We are strongly committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, as well as contractors and visitors to our premises.

Consistent with the legislative requirements of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, we have comprehensive work health and safety policies and guidelines in place. We provide employees with a safe workplace by eliminating or reducing the risk of hazards, conducting regular hazard inspections, and encouraging the reporting of any incidents or hazards. There are systems in place for employees to readily report any risks, hazards, near misses, injuries or incidents, and we quickly take corrective action, including applying first aid, if required.

As part of our health and safety management arrangements, our Workplace Consultative Committee meets quarterly, ensuring a proactive approach to the health and safety of all employees. This enables management and employees to work together to effectively manage workplace health and safety risks and hazards. Workstation assessments form part of the induction process for our office-based employees, including home-based workers, with reasonable adjustments being made to ensure work can be conducted in a comfortable and safe manner.

There were no claims for injury in 2020–21 and no return-to-work programs conducted.

There were no reportable incidents lodged with Comcare during 2020–21.

Health and wellbeing

The initiatives we undertook during the year to maintain our ongoing commitment to a healthy, safe and secure workplace included:

+ the promotion of health and wellbeing by the provision of a one-off health and wellbeing allowance

+ encouraging health initiatives, including access to sit-to-stand workstations and a computer- installed rest-and-stretch program

+ the provision of influenza vaccinations to all employees at no charge

+ access to a free and confidential Employee Assistance Program

+ the continued availability of workstation assessments for all new starters, as well as assessments for existing employees who felt it necessary for their wellbeing

+ the provision of information and communication technology remote working capabilities for employees, and enabling them to work from outside the office

+ the ability to easily transition to working-from- home arrangements during the COVID-19 pandemic, which demonstrates the benefits of continued flexibility in working arrangements for all staff

+ specific safety and hygiene measures to promote a COVID-safe work environment.