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Our program and purpose

The OTA leads the national program to increase organ and tissue donation for transplantation in partnership with states and territories, the national DonateLife Network, donation and transplantation clinical sectors, eye and tissue banks, and the community.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to save and improve the lives of more Australians through optimising potential organ and tissue donation for transplantation.

Outcome and Program

We measure our success in achieving our purpose and outcomes in a number of ways. One of these ways is the reporting of our performance against the deliverables and the key performance indicators for Outcome 1 and Program 1.1 in the Health Portfolio Budget Statements.

Figure 3 OTA Outcome and Program from the Health Portfolio Budget Statements Image of OTA Outcome and Program from the Health Portfolio Budget Statements. Outcome 1. Improved access to organ and tissue transplants, including through a nationally consistent approach and system. Program 1.1. A nationally coordinated system for organ and tissue donation for transplantation.

Table 2 Key objectives and strategies from the OTA's 2020–21 to 2023–24 Strategic Plan




Optimise donation opportunities for transplantation


Embed organ and tissue donation as a routine part of end-of-life care


Support the delivery of best practice donation processes


Increase opportunities for living kidney donation through the Australian and New Zealand Paired Kidney Exchange (ANZKX) Program


Provide specialist support for families involved in the donation process


Provide high quality care for families throughout the donation experience


Acknowledge the generosity and gift of organ and tissue donation


Increase consent through registration and family discussion


Increase community awareness of, and support for, donation and transplantation


Increase registration on the Australian Organ Donor Register (AODR) and family discussion about donation


Enhance systems and processes to support donation and transplantation


Enhance collection and analysis of data to inform clinical best practice for donation and transplantation


Work with the clinical sector to improve the equity and efficiency of the organ offer and allocation processes


Enhance the safety of organ donation and transplantation


Enhance the Australian Organ Donor Registration System


Collaborate with states and territories to determine the requirements of the health system to support future growth in donation and transplantation

image of Monira registered and organ and tissue donor

Figure 4 Key focus areas from the OTA's 2021–21 to 2023–24 Strategic Plan

Embed the Clinical Practice Improvement Program Phase 4 and enhance associated national, jurisdictional and hospital reporting

Collaborate to progress the Review of the Australian organ donation, retrieval and transplantation system

Collaborate to progress the National policy framework for the eye and tissue sector

Agree options to facilitate increased AODR registrations focusing on state and territory driver’s licence systems

Deliver innovative approach for increasing community awareness and engagement

Enhance reporting and analysis across the donation, retrieval and transplant sector

Collaborate with the transplantation sector to enhance the efficiency of the organ allocation, offer and acceptance process

Support OrganMatch enhancements to streamline the organ offer and allocation process

Deliver innovative approach for providing education and training of Donation Specialists and the broader clinical sector

Conduct the Wave 5 National Donor Family Study to further inform support services for families

Continue to evolve the National Vigilance and Surveillance System