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Ethical Standards

We place a high priority on ensuring a safe, healthy, supportive and productive workplace, preventing discrimination and harassment, and fostering ethical behaviour.

Our ethical standards are aligned with the Australian Public Service (APS) Values, Employment Principles and Code of Conduct and the Commonwealth Fraud Control Framework, and reinforced by our:

  • Risk Management Policy and Framework
  • Fraud Control Framework and Policy
  • Public Interest Disclosure Policy
  • Workplace Harassment Guidelines
  • Workplace Diversity Commitment
  • Staff Guidelines on the APS Code of Conduct
  • Client Service Charter.

A number of these documents were revised and updated during 2018–19.

The Client Service Charter is available from the museum’s website and includes a feedback form that can be downloaded or completed online. Overall feedback in 2018–19 was positive and indicated that the museum continued to provide its services to a high standard.