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Corporate Governance

To oversee corporate governance and determine strategic priorities, the Director acts in consultation with the Deputy Director and section heads, with input from the Board and executive committees.

In addition to the Board’s Audit Finance and Risk Committee, which oversees audit activity and the adequacy of internal controls, several key executive committees informed the corporate governance of Old Parliament House in 2018–19, as described in Table 11.

Table 11 Executive committees, 2018–19



Executive Management Group

  • Makes key decisions on entity-wide matters
  • Develops strategic planning priorities
  • Oversees risk management
  • Manages and is responsible for the budget
  • Ensures compliance with workplace health and safety obligations

Senior Management Group

  • Provides a venue for decision-making, consultation and feedback on operational issues
  • Develops and implements internal plans and policies
  • Promotes risk management, regularly reviews and assesses key risks, and ensures appropriate linkages between risk management and planning processes
  • Acts as the security committee and project management committee

Heritage Actions Committee

  • Discusses action proposals in accordance with Policy 2.1 of the Heritage Management Plan
  • Makes recommendations for the chair of the committee to consider in their capacity as delegate under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999
  • Suggests independent advice where relevant
  • Provides input on proposed actions to ensure that decisions made regarding use of and change in and on Old Parliament House and its curtilage will not have a significant adverse impact on the heritage values of the place
  • Reports to the Executive Management Group and the Board on its activities

Acquisitions Committee

  • Discusses and determines appropriate additions to the collection for approval by the delegate in accordance with Policy 3.3 of the Collection Management Policy
  • Reports to the Executive Management Group and the Board on its activities

Capital Steering Committee

  • Discusses and endorses the business cases for projects, and any funding variations, which then go to the Executive Management Group for approval
  • Approves off-project plans for relevant projects and ensures the commitment of allocated resources to the projects
  • Monitors the progress of projects and ensures that project targets are being met

Work Health and Safety Committee

  • Oversees health and safety matters, including identifying, developing and implementing consistent strategies to address work health and safety requirements
  • Reports to the Executive Management Group on relevant matters, and provides advice to employees

Workplace Consultative Committee

  • Facilitates communication, consultation, cooperation and input from staff on matters that affect the workplace
  • Considers and advises employees and the Executive Management Group on workplace matters referred by employees and employee representatives

ICT Steering Committee

  • Ensures appropriate corporate planning and management of ICT assets
  • Ensures capability to procure, develop, implement and manage the systems, networks and platforms for software and systems, hardware, firmware, corporate museum networks, web properties, digital interactives and social media
  • Ensures that the ICT strategies are aligned with government directions and the entity’s strategic and corporate objectives, budget funding and asset replacement strategies

Forward Planning Committee

  • Considers and recommends proposed additions to the museum’s forward plan for exhibitions, events and public programs, for approval by the Executive Management Group
  • Discusses, resolves issues and provides advice on matters relating to the museum’s forward program development, including audience engagement priorities, resourcing and balance
  • Monitors and reviews the forward planning process to ensure that it continues to meet the objectives of the Strategic Plan and Corporate Plan