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Celebrating the stories and spirit of Australian democracy and the power of our voices within it

 Mark Nolan
Rainbow flag signed by supporters of the Marriage Amendment (Definitions and Religious Freedoms) Bill 2017. Photo by: Mark Nolan
Democracy the world over is under pressure. Trust in public institutions—government, business, media and non-government organisations—is at a historic low. MoAD plays a significant role in enriching understanding and appreciation of Australia’s political legacy and the intrinsic value of democracy—the capacity for people to have a say in the future of this nation.

Through our exhibitions, events, engagement and education programs we will cultivate ‘a peoples’ place’—true to the building’s original brief—to improve understanding of democracy and the skills required to participate in it.

In a country composed of people from over 200 nations, MoAD provides a space where the varied voices that make up our nation can be heard and respected. As a trusted cultural institution, MoAD seeks to build new, mutually beneficial partnerships that will extend our reach, engagement and influence to a range of audiences.

This iconic building and all it represents will become a place where all of society engages with big ideas. To achieve this, our exhibitions, outreach, visitor experiences, partnerships and events will be richly informed by original and authoritative research. We seek to educate through entertainment and engagement, reflecting on and reinforcing Australia’s place as a leading democratic nation.