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Key management personnel (KMP)

.During the reporting period ended 30 June 2021, OPC had 8 executives who meet the definition of key management personnel (KMP). Their names and the length of term as KMP are summarised below.



Term as KMP

Peter Quiggin

First Parliamentary Counsel

Part year - 7 months

Meredith Leigh

A/g First Parliamentary Counsel1

Full year

Keith Byles

Second Parliamentary Counsel

Full year

Bronwyn Livermore

A/g Second Parliamentary Counsel2

Part year - 8 months

Aasha Swift

General Manager Publishing

Full year

Stephen Campbell

General Manager Corporate, Chief Information Officer

Full year

Naomi Carde

Senior Executive Drafter3

Part year - 8 months

Daniel Lovric

Senior Executive Drafter3

Part year - 6 months


1: Second Parliamentary Counsel 1/7/20 - 5/2/21, A/g First Parliamentary Counsel 6/2/21 - 30/6/21

2: Temporary rotating Senior Management Team member 3 months, A/g Second Parliamentary Counsel 6/2/21 - 30/6/21

3: Temporary rotating Senior Management Team member KMP remuneration

Note 4.2 to OPC’s Financial Statements in Appendix D discloses the key management personnel remuneration in aggregate for the reporting period ending 30 June 2021. In accordance with the PGPA Rule, this remuneration information is disaggregated as follows.