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Reportable consultancy contracts

OPC engages consultants where it lacks specialist expertise or when independent research, review or assessment is required. Consultants are typically engaged to:

· investigate or diagnose a defined issue or problem;

· carry out defined reviews or evaluations; or

· provide independent advice, information or creative solutions to assist OPC’s decision-making processes.

Prior to engaging reportable consultants, OPC takes into account the skills and resources required for the task, the skills available internally, and the cost-effectiveness of engaging external expertise.

Expenditure on Reportable Consultancy Contracts Current Report Period (2020-21)


Expenditure $ (GST inc.)

New contracts entered into during the reporting period



Ongoing contracts entered into during a previous reporting period






Organisations Receiving a Share of Reportable Consultancy Contract Expenditure Current Report Period (2020‑21)

Expenditure $ (GST inc.)

Callida Consulting (ABN 40 154 007 664)


CPM Reviews (ABN 93 151 808 374)


Australian Government Solicitor (ABN 92 661 124 436)


Jeff Lamond & Associates (ABN 47 603 191 306)


Equifax Australia (ABN 26 000 602 862)


During 2020-21, seven new reportable consultancy contracts were entered into involving total actual expenditure of $82,597.

Annual reports contain information about actual expenditure on reportable consultancy contracts. Information on the value of reportable consultancy contracts is available on the AusTender website.

Decisions to engage consultants during 2020-21 were made in accordance with the PGPA Act and related regulations including the Commonwealth Procurement Rules and relevant internal policies.

OPC selects consultants through the use of panel arrangements or by making an open approach to market.

OPC engages consultants when it requires specialist expertise on policy design, financial viability, and information technology strategic planning. Independent evaluations on OPC’s outcomes are also required.