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Advertising and market research

Annual Performance Statement

Audit Committee


Breastfeeding policy


Contact officer for additional information

Corporate governance

Disability reporting

Drafting resources

Entity resource statement and Expenses for outcome

Environmental reporting

Ethical standards—maintenance of

External scrutiny

Financial performance—discussion and analysis

Financial Statements

First Parliamentary Counsel’s Review

Freedom of information

Full-time and part-time employees

Human resources—management of

Influences on OPC’s performance

Information technology systems


Male and female employees

Management and accountability

Non‑salary benefits

Operational risks

Organisational structure

Outcome and program structure

Overview of OPC

Parliamentary amendments

Performance information—analysis of performance against Purpose 1: Legislative Drafting

Performance information—analysis of performance against Purpose 2: Publication

Performance pay

Productivity gains


Purchasing and consultants


Purposes and results—Annual Performance Statement

Reconciliation Action Plan

Report on performance


Risk management and fraud control

Role and functions of OPC

Salary ranges

Senior Management Team

SES remuneration

Staff development arrangements

Staff changes and recruitment

Staff statistics

Staff meetings

Staff retention

Studies Assistance arrangements

Survey of OPC staff

Training and development


Training—information technology

Website address

Workforce planning

Work health and safety

Workplace agreements—coverage

Workplace Consultative Committee

Workplace diversity