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Role and functions of OPC

OPC is the Commonwealth’s principal provider of professional legislative drafting and publishing services. OPC delivers timely, high quality drafting and advisory services for Bills, legislative instruments and other instruments, prepares compilations of laws as amended, and publishes legislation and government notices on behalf of more than 70 agencies. OPC also provides comprehensive, free access to Commonwealth legislation and related material through the Legislation Register website.

OPC was established under the Parliamentary Counsel Act 1970. Its functions are set out in section 3 of that Act. They are:

  • the drafting of proposed laws for introduction into either House of the Parliament;
  • the drafting of amendments of proposed laws that are being considered by either House of the Parliament;
  • the drafting of subordinate legislation;
  • the preparing of compilations and reprints of, and information relating to, laws of the Commonwealth;
  • the publishing, and the making of arrangements for the printing and publishing, of:
    • laws, and proposed laws, of the Commonwealth;
    • compilations and reprints of laws of the Commonwealth; and
    • information relating to laws of the Commonwealth;
  • the preparing and publishing of Government Notices Gazettes, including Special and Periodic Gazettes;
  • functions conferred on OPC (or on First Parliamentary Counsel) under the Legislation Act 2003, and any other laws of the Commonwealth;
  • with the written approval of the Minister—the provision of assistance to a foreign country in relation to the drafting, printing or publishing of laws of the country or information relating to those laws;
  • functions conferred by the regulations; and
  • functions incidental to any of the preceding functions.