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Measures to minimise the effect of OPC’s activities on the environment

OPC’s workplace design maximises environmental sustainability, with a strong focus on access to natural light. The elongated floor plate has core services, meeting, utility and storage rooms inbound, allowing all employee work spaces to be located within 12 metres of the perimeter windows. The fit-out has been designed to complement the building’s environmental objectives including applying best practice in the selection of materials. Practical inclusions in the design include recycling provisions, use of natural and recycled materials, and plants for air quality and visual amenity.

The following measures were in place throughout the year to minimise the effect of OPC’s activities on the environment:

  • energy efficiency is routinely taken into account in decisions about acquiring equipment;
  • double-sided printing and photocopying facilities are available, and staff are encouraged to use them;
  • where possible, OPC is moving to online publication of documents to reduce the number of copies being printed;
  • work procedures are modified to avoid paper use where practicable by, for example, editing documents on screen, using electronic forms of communication and filing documents in the electronic records management system;
  • OPC has arrangements to collect toner cartridges, paper, glass, plastic and aluminium used in the office for recycling;
  • staff are encouraged to turn off lights and office equipment when not in use. Lighting controls throughout the office include the use of sensors and timers which automatically turn lights off if no activity is detected for a pre-programmed time.