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National Practice Group model

Our current operating model has allowed prosecutors to specialise in a range of crime types, while having flexibility to explore work in different jurisdictions and practice groups when the opportunity or need arises.

The Prosecution Policy of the Commonwealth outlines the principles, factors and considerations our prosecutors must take into account when prosecuting offences against the laws of the Commonwealth. It provides the framework for decision‑making for all our prosecutions, which means our prosecutors can move seamlessly between practice groups.

Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions - Independent responsibility for conducting prosecutions against Commonwealth law.

Commonwealth Solicitor for Public Prosecutions (CSPP) -Lead role in supporting the Director and overseeing the operations of the legal practice and improvements to the legal business via the Legal Business Improvement branch.

Structure of the practice groups

The legal practice groups conduct prosecutions on behalf of the Director.

Each practice group is led by a Deputy Director (Practice Group Leader) who is responsible for:

  • prosecutions conducted by the practice group across Australia
  • national liaison and delivering prosecution services in relation to the practice group
  • policy development for issues that concern the practice group, and
  • the CDPP’s contribution to law reform related to the crime types prosecuted by the practice group.

The Legal Business Improvement (LBI) branch provides support to the work of the CSPP and the legal practice, through the delivery of technical legal training, policy and advice work.

Our legal practice groups are supported by our customer focused and collaborative Enabling Services Group, led by our Chief Corporate Officer. This includes our National Business Improvement Branch, which overseas and develops technology related business improvements to our legal case management system, e‑brief referrals and digital tools.

(mage of money) - Commercial, Financial and Corruption - Prosecutes serious financial crimes and corruption offences. (image of world) - International Assistance and Specialist Agencies - Prosecutes matters referred by specialist agencies and provides international assistance in the areas of Mutual Assistance and Extradition. (Image of group of people) - Human Exploitation and Border Protection - Prosecutes child exploitation, human trafficking and slavery offences, people smuggling, migration offences and more. (Image of a gavel) Illegal Imports and Exports- Prosecutes offences associated with protecting Australia’s borders, including drug offences such as importation and trafficking. (Image of camera) - Organised Crime and Counter-Terrorism - Prosecutes counter terrorism and large-scale organised crime offences. (Image magnifying glass) - Revenue and Benefits Fraud - Prosecutes general tax, social security, Medicare and identity fraud. (Image of scales) - Legal Business Improvement Focuses on operational aspects of the legal business to enable, support and modernise our legal practice and legal resources; manages the CDPP’s external counsel engagements; delivers legal learning and professional development to CDPP lawyers, co-ordinates law reform responses to Attorney-General’s Department and Department of Home Affairs. (Image of hands) - Enabling Services Group - Enables and supports the activities of the legal practice through a range of services—finance, technology, people and communication, records, library, governance, Risk, audit, digital transformation, national case management system, innovation and digital capability
Image of practice group model