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Our organisation

The role of the Director

Our legislative and policy framework establishes the role of our organisation and the statutory position of Director. Key elements include:

  • Director of Public Prosecutions Act 1983 (DPP Act)
  • Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act)
  • Public Service Act 1999
  • Prosecution Policy of the Commonwealth.

The DPP Act established the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. It sets out the functions and powers of the Director, including independent responsibility for carrying out prosecutions for offences against Commonwealth law.

The Director delegates most of these functions or powers to CDPP staff. Together, the Director and staff constitute a statutory agency, led by the Director.

The Director also has a number of miscellaneous functions, including to:

  • provide legal advice to Commonwealth investigators
  • apply for superannuation forfeiture orders under Commonwealth law.

The Commonwealth Solicitor for Public Prosecutions (CSPP) takes a lead role in supporting the Director to fulfil her statutory obligations.

The role of the Commonwealth Solicitor for Public Prosecutions

The Commonwealth Solicitor for Public Prosecutions works with our legal practice groups and Enabling Services Group to make sure we have the essential systems, processes, people and culture in place to fulfil our purpose and deliver outcomes.

The CSPP is committed to ensuring the CDPP is a contemporary and innovative legal practice that operates in a nationally consistent manner.

The CSPP focuses on:

  • ensuring CDPP staff have access to key legal resources and harness their combined knowledge and experiences in the most efficient way possible
  • encouraging early and efficient preparation and management of cases, including appropriate digital solutions and engagement of counsel
  • continuing to foster a greater team‑based approach to the way we manage our matters
  • continuing our deep engagement with partner agencies when it comes to liaison, pre‑brief advice and court work
  • continuing to improve our service to partner agencies, including in relation to timeliness
  • developing a strong culture and agile workforce by embracing more flexible ways of doing our work
  • developing staff via diverse work experiences (within and outside our organisation) and ensuring access to relevant and high‑quality training and education.

The CSPP leads the Legal Business Improvement (LBI) branch whose remit includes policy, liaison and training. The LBI branch provides the pivotal interface between the legal practice and the Enabling Services Group and provides visibility of the legal practice from a national perspective. This view allows for continued improvement to the day to day operations of the legal practice and aids in achieving national consistency.

The role of the Executive Leadership Group

The Executive Leadership Group (ELG) provides a broad range of strategic and specialist legal expertise in support of CDPP outcomes. Chaired by the Director, the group is comprised of the Commonwealth Solicitor for Public Prosecutions, the Deputy Directors who lead each of the CDPP’s specialist practice groups and our Chief Corporate Officer.