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Appendix 5: Ecologically sustainable development and environmental performance

The CDPP is committed to the ongoing efficient and effective management of resources. We have initiatives in place that contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Our range of energy saving methods include:

  • using technology to minimise energy use, including automatic power‑down devices on electrical equipment
  • transition to shared data centre locations where possible to reduce our air conditioning requirements
  • use of energy efficient lighting control systems throughout CDPP offices to reduce energy usage
  • ensuring all our computer equipment is energy‑star enabled
  • recycling of printer toner cartridges
  • transitioning the corporate fleet to small hybrid vehicles
  • reducing the need to travel by providing staff with access to video and teleconferencing facilities in our offices, and
  • incorporating an energy efficient design in our office fit‑out projects with the aim of reducing overall energy usage.