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Risk Management

Risk management is an integral part of our strategy and planning processes. In compliance with the PGPA Act and Rule, as well as the Commonwealth Risk Management Policy, the Director has established an internal risk management framework.

The Executive Leadership Group and Audit Committee actively monitor and manage our Strategic Risk Register, ensuring risk management is effective and continues to support organisational performance.

During the reporting period the Executive Leadership Group established a Strategic Risk Traffic Light Report that provides a snapshot of the risks and mitigations to enhance their oversight. They also reviewed the CDPP Risk Appetite Statement. Additional risks were included in the Strategic Risk Register in consideration of the impact of the COVID‑19 pandemic on the CDPP’s operational environment. The Executive Leadership Group reviews the risk register on a regular basis.

We are actively building a proactive risk management culture where strategic risks are identified in our Business Plan and then assessed and analysed, with treatments recorded and monitored in the Strategic Risk Register. We also take a proactive risk management approach in our Litigation Management Plans, which help us to manage complex cases. Litigation Management Plans promote active planning of case activities and are updated regularly as matters proceed through the prosecution process.