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Cultural and linguistic diversity (CALD)

Multicultural Access and Equity Plan 2019—20

The Office’s MAEP sets out our vision that all Australians, regardless of their cultural or linguistic background, are safeguarded in their dealings with Australian Government agencies and prescribed private sector organisations.

We aim to achieve this vision through delivering on six key commitments:

  • Leadership—demonstrate a commitment to multicultural access and equity and take responsibility for its implementation.
  • Engagement—identify and strategically engage with CALD clients, stakeholders and communities.
  • Responsiveness—strategies are in place to ensure that policies, programs, community interactions and service delivery (whether in-house or outsourced) are responsive to CALD Australians.
  • Performance—strong and clear mechanisms are in place to measure multicultural access and equity performance.
  • Capability—understand, and have the capacity to respond to, the cultural and linguistic diversity of Australia’s population.
  • Openness—be transparent in the implementation of multicultural access and equity.