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Other requirements

Advertising and market research

During this reporting period, the OAIC conducted the following advertising campaign: Paid Facebook promotion of consumer resources explaining the privacy controls available at oaic.gov.au.

Grant programs

No grant programs took place in 2018–19.


We have a fraud control plan, fraud control policy and guidelines which are made available to staff through internal communication channels.

Memoranda of understanding

We received funding for specific services under a range of memoranda of understanding, see Appendix C. Appendix C: Memoranda of understanding

Disability reporting

The Commonwealth Disability Strategy has been overtaken by the National Disability Strategy 2010–20, which set out a 10-year national policy framework to improve the lives of people with disability, promote participation and create a more inclusive society. A high-level two-yearly report tracks progress against each of the six outcome areas of the strategy and presents a picture of how people with disability are faring. The first of these reports can be found at dss.gov.au

Ecologically sustainable development and environment performance

Section 516A of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 requires us to report on how our activities accord with the principles of ecologically sustainable development. Our role and activities do not directly link with the principles of ecologically sustainable development or impact on the environment, other than through our business operations regarding the consumption of resources required to sustain our operations. We use energy saving methods in the OAIC’s operation and endeavour to make the best use of resources.

Information Publication Scheme

As required by the FOI Act, we have an Information Publication Scheme entry on our website that provides information on our structure, functions, appointments, annual reports, consultation arrangements, FOI officer, information we routinely release following FOI requests and information we routinely provide to the Australian Parliament.