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Strategy 1:

Standard setting

Strategy 2:

Australian external reporting framework

Strategy 3:

International thought leadership

Strategy 4:

Stakeholder engagement

Strategy 5:

Influencing beyond financial reporting

Strategy 6:

Emerging Issues

Strategy 7:

Enhancing Consistency

Develop, issue and maintain high quality Australian auditing and assurance standards that meet the needs of report users. Use IAASB Standards – where they exist, modified as necessary – or develop Australian-specific standards and guidance.

With the AASB, play a leading role in reshaping the Australian external reporting framework by working with regulators to develop objective criteria on:

  • who prepares external reports (including financial reports), and
  • the nature and extent of assurance required on external reports.

Actively influence international auditing and assurance standards and guidance by demonstrating thought leadership and enhancing key international relationships.

Attain significant levels of key stakeholder engagement, through collaboration, partnership and outreach.

Influence initiatives to develop assurance standards and guidance that meet user needs for external reporting beyond financial reporting.

Monitor and respond to emerging issues impacting the development of auditing and assurance standards and guidance, including changing technologies.

Develop guidance and education initiatives, or promote development by others, to enhance consistent application of auditing and assurance standards and guidance.