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Corporate Plan 2019–20 to 2023–24

The Corporate Plan 2019–23 presents the NLC’s goals and objectives for the next four years, based on the organisation’s legislative responsibilities (under the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act 1976 and the Native Title Act 1993), and our identified Vision.

Our goals and objectives are translated into actions across the internal operational areas within the NLC, along with details on how these activities will be delivered and measured.

The seven priorities espoused in the Corporate Plan are:

  1. Acquire, protect and manage traditional lands and waters within the NLC’s region in accordance with the NLC’s statutory functions
  2. Facilitate Community Development so as to protect and develop Aboriginal use of land and seas and secure broad and lasting community benefits
  3. Maintain and continue to strengthen Ranger groups on country to further protect and maintain Aboriginal land and seas
  4. Facilitate arrangements to provide a more responsive and efficient Permit Management System to organise, manage and document licensed access to traditional lands and waters
  5. Introduce improved processes to manage land use agreements and disbursement arrangements and lift internal capability by tracking activity through one consolidated system
  6. Develop and maintain a comprehensive communications system to facilitate the provision of information to, and advocacy of, Traditional Owners’ interests
  7. Continuous improvement of the NLC’s Policies and Procedures systems for more efficiency and best practice governance.

The plan is the vehicle to achieve our corporate mission: to have an experienced and capable organisation that effectively serves Aboriginal peoples’ interests in the Northern Territory’s land, waters and seas – one that is focused and committed to achieving our strategic objectives over the next four years.

The NLC’s focus during this four-year period is to improve governance support to the Council, support the Council in policy development, and increase community engagement and the delivery of accessible and efficient services to Aboriginal people of the Territory.