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The NLC is an independent body corporate of the Commonwealth, responsible for assisting Aboriginal peoples to acquire and manage their traditional lands and seas.

The NLC is committed to enhancing Aboriginal people’s social, political and economic participation, reflected through the policies and decisions of the Full Council.

The NLC region is unique, and the organisation continues to focus on supporting and fostering new and innovative projects and developments that underpin prosperity in remote Aboriginal communities.

To enhance Aboriginal peoples’ participation we must be responsive to opinion, build capacity, encourage leadership and develop equitable and balanced outcomes. The NLC implement free prior and informed consent, and best practice, and apply precautionary principles. The mechanisms for achieving this are the promotion, protection and advancement of Aboriginal peoples’ rights and interests through strong leadership and good governance.

The NLC continues to show that it is ideally placed to manage the increasing demands of governments, private enterprise and Aboriginal communities to establish services and business enterprises on Aboriginal lands. The NLC continues to enhance Aboriginal participation and equity in major developments.

Aboriginal culture and language are diverse and rich, and their lands and waters are resource rich. The NLC is a major contributor to Aboriginal affairs and the Northern Territory economy.