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Highlights From 2018/2019 Activities

  • The Executive Council, Full Council and Chief Executive Officer approved 107 land use agreements under s19 of the Land Rights Act.
  • The NLC held land use agreement consultations, which involved 11,145 Traditional Owners and met at 61 locations.
  • The first sitting of the High Court of Australia in Darwin – in September 2018 – heard the Timber Creek Compensation case and was the first successfully litigated application for native title compensation in Australia.
  • The NLC represented native title holders of the Jabiru and Pine Creek townships in consent determination proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia.
  • Negotiation and signing of a Heads of Agreement at the Nitmiluk Full Council Meeting on 28 June 2019 as a significant step towards permanently settling the sea rights High Court matter commonly known as Blue Mud Bay.
  • Development of TO-led sea country plans at three locations: Limmen Bight, Maningrida and Blue Mud Bay.
  • Secured significant project capital from the Northern Territory Government’s inactive Ranger Grants Program.
  • Worked with the NT Government to reform the Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act to help secure powers for Indigenous rangers.
  • NLC awarded the contract to host the Northern Australian Ranger forum in August 2019.
  • Secured a substantial compliance and related training investment from the Australian Government.
  • Grew the Learning on Country investment from six sites to twelve.
  • Under the ALRA, income of $62,172,000 was generated from Aboriginal land during 2018/19.
  • A total of 7709 royalty payments were made during 2018/19, worth $60,469,000.
  • Eight Aboriginal groups committed more than $6.5 million for community benefit purposes, working with the NLC’s C P & D Program, and have delivered 24 community-led projects valued at about $2.5 million.