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Part B - Other Legislation

Part B - Other Legislation




Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility Act 2016

s. 42

NAIF’s annual report must include:

  1. Particulars of any changes to the Investment Mandate during the period and their impact on the operations of the Facility;
  2. A summary of the proposal notices given by the Facility to the Minister during the period;
  3. A summary of any rejection notices given by the Minister during the period and the Minister’s reasons for giving the notices;
  4. For financial assistance provided by the Facility during the period, a summary of:
  1. the amounts of financial assistance and kinds of Northern Australia economic infrastructure concerned; and
  2. the kinds of loan contracts used, and their impact features;
  3. the risks and returns to the Commonwealth.
  1. A summary of any adjustments or concessions made by the Facility during the period in relation to the Northern Australia economic infrastructure projects that have not progressed as planned.

Corporate Governance - Legislative Reporting

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999

s.516A (3)(6)

Ecologically sustainable development and environmental performance

Corporate Governance

  • Environmental Reporting

Work Health and Safety Act 2011

Sch2, Pt 4, Clause 4(2)

Work health and safety initiatives, outcomes, statistics and investigations


  • Work, Health and Safety