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Employee Benefits

Flexible Working

NAIF offers an agile working environment to provide its Employees with options to assist them in managing their work, travel and personal commitments.

All Employees have the technology to work remotely or from any NAIF office. NAIF Employees have both formal and informal flexible work arrangements.

Wellbeing Initiatives / Employee Assistance programs

NAIF’s Employees benefit from Export Finance Australia’s wellbeing programs, which promote improved health awareness, self-management skills and healthy work practices.

Through Export Finance Australia, NAIF’s Employees also have access to an Employee Assistance Program, which provides support to them and their immediate families as needed, as well as access to a free confidential counselling service.

All NAIF Employees and their families that live in the same household were offered a complimentary influenza vaccination as part of the commitment to health and wellbeing of Employees.

Work, Health and Safety

While NAIF’s Employees are predominantly located in NAIF’s Cairns head office, Export Finance Australia’s Sydney office, DIIS’s Brisbane office or Austrade Perth office, they travel across northern Australia, to Canberra and other capitals as well using NAIF’s technology options for remote learning. During the COVID-19 pandemic NAIF’s ability to further utilise technology options ensured remote working allowed NAIF to continue without interruption during this challenging period.

NAIF’s office space is in secure buildings with restricted security pass access. Workstations and facilities have modern safety features, such as adjustable seats and computer monitors. Employees are also given information on ergonomic self-assessment and provided with additional equipment as required. Ergonomic assessments with trained professionals are undertaken.

NAIF works closely with Export Finance Australia around work, health and safety (WHS). NAIF engages with its Employees on WHS matters, including the adequacy of its facilities, and takes steps to ensure a positive, productive and risk free working environment. NAIF has a designated First Aid Officer and Fire Warden in its Sydney and Cairns office and first aid training is also offered to additional Employees.

NAIF takes a pragmatic, risk based approach to WHS compliance framework and management practices. Workplace hazards are prioritised according to the risk that they pose to the health and safety of NAIF’s Employees and are dealt with promptly.

NAIF records and monitors hazards and controls. Key risk areas that require specialised monitoring have been identified as domestic travel, often to remote areas of northern Australia.

NAIF has a process for incident notification and investigation, which includes reporting of ‘near misses.’ Incidents and near misses are managed, and proactive measures are put in place to reduce the potential risks identified.

NAIF had no workplace injuries among Employees and contractors, and was not investigated and did not receive any notices or record any ‘notifiable incidents’ under the WHS Act, during the reporting period.