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NAIF is keenly aware of its responsibility as a steward of public resources to be as transparent as reasonably practicable.

NAIF’s aims to publish information where doing so does not compromise the interests of the Commonwealth or risk breaching NAIF’s legislated obligation to have regard to industry best practice. This includes the obligation to protect commercially sensitive information, and arises from an understanding that the Commonwealth’s own interests (including the protection of its reputation) are best served by the protection of confidential information. Confidentiality helps avoid disclosures that might deter proponents, or that might lead private financiers to conclude they can lessen their exposure to a project, in turn increasing demands on the public purse or lessening the achievement of NAIF’s objectives.

NAIF’s current confidentiality protocols which it applies in the public interest, is maintained across all projects. NAIF can release certain information, when releasing the information is agreed between the proponent and NAIF.

NAIF is required to publish on its website, within 30 business days of an Investment Decision being made, certain information regarding all transactions, subject to commercial confidentiality (refer to figure 4 Summary of Proposal Notices). During the reporting period NAIF published this information in line with legislative requirements.