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A summary of NAIF’s performance outcomes for FY2019-20 are included in figure 1 below. NAIF met all its eight performance measures when considering allowable activities in a COVID-19 environment. Some measures in the Stakeholder Activity KPI which required travel and group gatherings were unable to be met fully due to COVID-19 restrictions, however activities continued in a virtual environment.

The analysis of NAIF’s overall performance below should be read in conjunction with the remainder of the Annual Report, including the Chair and CEO Report.

Terms defined in the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility Act 2016 or the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility Investment Mandate Direction 2018 have the same meaning in this Statement.

NAIF has made significant progress over the 2019-20 financial year, with the Board making 11 Investment Decisions to offer loans totalling $1.4bn, to support projects with a total capital value of $2bn. The Investment Decisions were for projects spread across northern Australia with $767m committed for Queensland projects, $452m committed for Northern Territory projects and $163m committed for Western Australian projects.