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NAIF is active in the market, with our specialist Investment team working with a range of project proponents and potential investors to accelerate investment in projects across a range of key sectors to the northern Australian economy.

We recognise that not all these projects will ultimately be financed by NAIF, either because they secure private sector finance, are deferred, or do not meet the investment requirements of the NAIF.

Nevertheless, this pipeline is a strong signal of confidence in NAIF and of the potential opportunities in the region.

At 30 June 2020 there were:

  • 87 active enquiries in the NAIF pipeline. This excludes the projects which have reached Contractual or Financial Close.
  • 28 projects in the due diligence phase of NAIF’s assessment process.

NAIF focused on two types of transactions:

  1. Investment Ready Deals - Helping to accelerate projects utilising NAIF’s financing tools.
  2. Transformational Projects - Enabling infrastructure, creation of new industries, material changes to communities. Long lead time projects, where NAIF is part of the funding.